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Politics in Perspective – 3.22.20 – Pls Share

1. The Left of center Media wants Trump to stop appearing at the daily CV briefings. Why?
Could it be that since September, and the beginning of the Impeachment process, Trump’s approval ratings have steadily risen? And the Democrats ratings have steadily fallen?
Of course, they have relentlessly criticized Trump for his CV response. Never in our peacetime history, however, has our gov’t responded so much to a circumstance. Trump’s daily briefings have connected him well with many people and, despite CNN, et. al.’s efforts, his ratings have risen again. Now they want him off the air. Coincidence?
As Joe Garofoli of the Sf Chronicle points out, it also is limiting Biden’s ability to get attention. Normally, a nominee in waiting is at his/her visible height. Not so for Biden.
Garafoli: While Trump commands the coronavirus stage, Joe Biden is playing a bit part 2. As for what Congress should be doing, here are my latest two articles.
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