Trump Indictment: A Devilish Witch Hunt

Today as we watch President Trump being dragged into this court, we will be witnessing the Supernatural intruding on the Natural. This time the attack is against President Trump! This one isn’t about us, it’s directed solely at him. It is meant to wear down his spirit, how? Because this indictment is a charge using the espionage act. Nothing about President Trump could even come close to meeting this test.

Yet his enemies, our enemies have done exactly these crimes and in our faces. The late indictment is a taunt and mockery of President Trump’s steadfast defense of ordinary Americans. It is demonic principalities saying to President Trump: “Look at what we can do to you! 👿 We committed these crimes and we’re going to charge you with them as we walk Scott free and your precious Americans are powerless to save you 👿.”

If we look at this outrageous indictment with the power of discernment; what is at the heart of this despicable act?! The daring of our enemies ensconced in power throughout our Nation can not be remedied by President Trump alone. As I have said for over seven years in a prophetic count down to this exact timeline: this matter will fall into the hands of the common American. Only we can rid ourselves of these vermin who abuse their power before us!!

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