Will The Leftward Democrats Rescue The Republicans Over ObamaCare?

Every election since 2008 has been about Obamacare to one degree or another. Should we do it? How do we fix it?  Should we repeal it and replace it?  The Republicans in Congress told us they were all on repealing it and replacing it – until they got what they wanted, i.e. the House, the Senate and the Presidency.  Since then, they haven’t been able to deliver on their promises.

President Trump campaigned on repeal and replace – but he can’t do it himself.  He needs a bill to sign.

As a political matter, that should leave Republicans in a vulnerable political position for failing to follow through on their promises. Right?

Or are they vulnerable?

It would appear that the Democrats, instead of exploiting that vulnerability, are coming to the rescue of the Republicans.

The Democrats in Washington D.C. are quickly moving to support BernieCare – MediCare for all, i.e. single payer government run healthcare.  That program would outlaw private healthcare.  It is a position decidedly to the Left of where the nation is on the issue because it outlaws private insurance.  In the face of the Veterans Administration scandals, and Bernie Sanders admissions years back that it would bankrupt the nation, it is not a political winner at this time.

As such, rather than pick up disgruntled votes in the middle with a plausible solution, the Democrats seem destined to at best leave them on the table and at worst, for them anyway, push them away.

Make no mistake about it.  The 2018 midterms will be about Obamacare.  2020 may well be too.  Neither party, at this point, has a lock on the issue.  Remarkably, at least in the short run, the Democrats may be bailing out the Republicans on the issue.

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