There will be no honeymoon for the Trump Administration among many Democrats. Gov't is about their livelihood and there is not better example of that than education.
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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence...[more]
By: Tom Del Beccaro
Obama leaves with the world in flames...[more]
By: Tom Del Beccaro
Hillary going along with the recount means she’ll be TWO time loser,..[more]
By: Tom Del Beccaro
Dismantling Obama’s Radical, Anti-Energy Agenda...[more]
By: Tom Del Beccaro
Free Markets Work Best When Left Alone, there’s no need for SB32. The Legislature is back in session after a summer hiatus.  They’ve come back to some daunti..[more]
By: Thomas Tanton
Economic Growth: The Key To Avoiding Our Looming Class Warfare...[more]
By: Tom Del Beccaro
    California’s independent and non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) has released a detailed report on ways the billions of dollars coll..[more]
By: Thomas Tanton
    In the spring of 2011, I was invited to speak at the annual South Carolina Bar Convention by the state Bar’s president at the time, D. Michael..[more]
By: Anne Bremner
“‘… [T]he base’ isn’t the limited, clichéd thing it once was, it’s becoming a big, broad jumble that few understand.” Political writer Peggy Noonan..[more]
By: Victoria Taft
      Candidates seem to forget people attending these meetings aren’t the usual “man on the street” who just happens to wander by for a list..[more]
By: Doug Haaland