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PaduchikJohn Kasich’s sore-loser role as antagonist-in-chief

ParnesBernie Sanders socialism moves to Democratic mainstream – “Bernie’s positions used to be fringe ideas. Single payer was a dirty word in politics,” said Chuck Rojas, a Democratic strategist who served as a consultant to Sanders’s presidential campaign and was recently one of several advisers who gathered to advise Sanders about the possibility of running in 2020. “Now it’s all becoming mainstream. It’s a new day.” 

California News

Gavin Newsom defends gas tax and high-speed rail, accuses Trump of bankrupting the nation

California Lawmakers Consider Proposal to Eliminate Bail – California would be the first state to end money bail for defendants awaiting trial under a proposal unveiled Thursday that would create a new system that would instead jail people based on their risk level.

Tax on California water revived to clean up drinking water – but it’s voluntary

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