The current code is a monument to special interest politics and is an efficient way to raise tax revenue. It also fuels class warfare at the same time is weighs down the economy making it harder for the poor to succeed.
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News of a water-sucking drought in California apparently j-u-u-ust came over the transom to our lawmakers mere seconds ago.  In response, our savvy Sacramento sw..[more]
By: Victoria Taft
Check out contributor Frank Wuco in a mind blowing glimpse into the worldview of a jihadist…..[more]
By: Frank Wuco
So it is, that Iran is gifted by their most hated and mocked adversary, The Big Satan itself, the United States of (death to) America, with a generous amount of t..[more]
By: Frank Wuco
I am astonished that the Agenda Mongers at Mashable do not think that every single thing on the list of “Weird Facts” about Ted Cruz is just awesome. ..[more]
By: Frank Wuco
  Let’s talk heroes.  America is full of them, sung and unsung.  There are notables as well as everyday heroes we haven’t heard about. Heroes c..[more]
By: Mark Larson
  Attorney General Eric Holder was more animated than usual. He seemed excited by what he was about to reveal. ‘This is important,’ his emotion commanded..[more]
By: Victoria Taft
There are some areas of inconsistencies between Brown’s budget and his policy statements. In his combined inauguration and State of the State address, Brown sai..[more]
By: Thomas Tanton
Aaron Hernandez had it all before the age 25: a new baby; a beautiful, young fiancé; a multimillion-dollar mansion; and a new $40-million, seven-year contract wi..[more]
By: Anne Bremner
First, I am a lifelong, California-born, United States Navy raised, Ronald Reagan Conservative. Second, this is not my usual prosaic territory, which typically fo..[more]
By: Frank Wuco
Elle Decor features designer who shows off art displays of man-boy “love”.   In case you’re unclear: this is wrong. When the recession hit our..[more]
By: Victoria Taft