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Tom Del Beccaro

The USMCA: A Gold Rush in the Waiting for California’s Workers and Economy – by Tom Del Beccaro

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailCalifornians are a resilient bunch.  They have weathered power outages, fires and droughts—not to mention government edicts and costs. Despite it all, hardworking employees and fearless entrepreneurs continue to not only sustain the economy, but to lift it to new and innovative heights. Before the year is out, it’s …

Del Beccaro: Impeachment inquiry – What to expect from Democrats’ pre-trial show (and how Republicans win)

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailThe D.C. Democrats’ public impeachment “inquiry” hearings are set to begin. No one can seriously say that the lopsided procedure they have decreed is remotely fair, let alone a model of due process.  As it unfolds, the Republicans need to be ready to counterattack. Read more at Foxnews.com by clicking here

Politics in Perspective™ – The Meaningless National Polls, When Biden Drops Out and the Impeachment Effect.

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email1.  The 2020 Election is one year away and, more importantly, the Iowa Caucus is just 92 days away. 2.  Nat’l polls favoring Biden are meaningless.  They would have meaning if they gave him a fundraising advantage. They have not – he is struggling in fundraising.  He is trailing badly in …

Publisher Del Beccaro takes on PG&E on Fox TV and FoxNews.com – the impact of California blackouts

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email California power company PG&E is coming for residents’ tax money and you could be next, former Chairman of the California Republican Party Tom Del Beccaro warned on Fox News. California’s blackouts are a cautionary tale, warns former CA Republican Party Chairman Del Beccaro: California’s power blackouts, energy nightmare and more are coming your …

Tom Del Beccaro: Republicans must win the impeachment trial – and they can by following these five steps

Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailThe Democrats are bound and determined to impeach President Trump. Initially buoyed by polls, the Democrats have seized the initiative and some claim they already have the necessary votes. An impeachment trial would be the Trial of the Century and here is how Republicans can – and must – win it. …

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