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Peaceful Transfer of Power, NOT

Nancy Pelosi congratulated Donald Trump on November 9, 2016 and said she prays for his success as the peaceful transfer of power is the cornerstone of our democracy. Well that transfer of power did happen but it has hardly been peaceful, in fact it has all been riddled with concocted scandal by the left.

Don’t forget #DisruptJ20

We have sports experts on EPSN’s payroll attacking President Trump. There is Maxine Waters who encourages face to face confrontation with anyone in the Trump administration regardless of location all while she announces Impeach 45 almost daily.

You can only serve one master, the American people. 

We have members of the White House press corps that attacks anyone at the podium each day with the aim of embarrassing anyone on the White House payroll. The New York Times and the Washington Post are simply tiresome with countless articles each day that are either conspiratorial, scandalous, false or critical of the entire administration.

You can only serve one master, the American people.

So to those like April Ryan, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, John Brennan, Rachel Maddow or the rest like Mika and Joe…..stop with the anti-Trump, anti-government and just report confirmed validated facts and news…PLEASE.

You can only serve one master, the American people.

There are the rest out there like Tom Steyer, Bill Maher, Robert DeNiro or Al Green or Amy Klobuchar or Kirsten Gillibrand, having these clandestine meetings to plot all things against the president is bordering on sedition…yes….sedition.

Donald Trump is hardly eloquent or of political grooming, of that there is no debate. President Trump made promises and pledges that the American people voted for to restore so much brokenness of previous years. How about some gratitude rather than being petulant?

You can only serve one master, the American people.

November of 2017, there was a secret meeting in Carlsbad. It was a three day conference paid for by George Soros and headlines by Nancy Pelosi. The Democracy Alliance, a left wing organization with deep pockets, helped create this safe space for donors and activists to meet and be guided by a 38 page conference program. Fun pesky hashtags were invented such as #Resist. Other attendees included Van Jones, Neera Tanden and Cecile Richards. All part of the genesis of the anti-Trump operations.

You can only serve one master, the American people.

Not to be overlooked is the whole legalizing of resistance. Not to be overlooked is the recruitment and solicitation of government officials in high ranking positions that concocted foreign measures and people to inject into all things politics in DC. Just in the Strzok of time, we have those like Sally Yates, Bruce Ohr, Steven Halper, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Marc Elias, Harry Reid, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch and so many more here at home and internationally that have joined the #Resist movement. ANTIFA? Yes. COBRA? Yes. STUDENTS WITHOUT BORDERS? Yes.

So only a few days ago Axios reported some news about a spreadsheet that the democrats have crafted to continue the obstruction of the Trump administration. This will be especially true should they regain power in either house of Congress. Some of the items include:

Here are some of the probes it predicts:

  • President Trump’s tax returns
  • Trump family businesses — and whether they comply with the Constitution’s emoluments clause, including the Chinese trademark grant to the Trump Organization
  • Trump’s dealings with Russia, including the president’s preparation for his meeting with Vladimir Putin
  • The payment to Stephanie Clifford — a.k.a. Stormy Daniels
  • James Comey’s firing
  • Trump’s firing of U.S. attorneys
  • Trump’s proposed transgender ban for the military
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s business dealings
  • White House staff’s personal email use
  • Cabinet secretary travel, office expenses, and other misused perks
  • Discussion of classified information at Mar-a-Lago
  • Jared Kushner’s ethics law compliance
  • Dismissal of members of the EPA board of scientific counselors
  • The travel ban
  • Family separation policy
  • Hurricane response in Puerto Rico
  • Election security and hacking attempts
  • White House security clearances

You can only serve one master, the American people.

In summary, this has not been a peaceful transfer of power. All the levers are within eye sight to continue the restrictions of the Trump administration. Maybe Nancy Pelosi needs to be reminded of her declaration. 

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