The early 1800’s gave Europe the first creation of private detectives or spies. The first in France called the Office of Universal Information for Commerce and Industry. Another iteration was in the United Kingdom which

It has been said that the legal and justice system in the United States is the best throughout the world. While that may be true, is now the time to to improve it? The gigantic debate

The preamble of the U.S. Constitution references a desire to form a more perfect union, to establish justice and to ensure ‘domestic tranquility’… Well, as it is plain to see in this Divided Era, we hardly

Obama signed Executive Order 13520 on November 20, 2009 titled ‘Reducing Improper Payments’. Defined in this order is the purpose to examine all parts of the Federal government where improper payments were made, the reasons, the amounts and

Why? Syrian refugees must go home. Why? Economic decline. The largest refugee population in the world is located in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Turkey is the first stop for refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

FACTOID: The White House determines the topics and depths of briefings presidential nominees receive directly after the end of the respective national political convention. The Intelligence Community, generally led by the Director of National Intelligence packages

Does anyone out there really understand the Clinton machine? Since the Mueller report was delivered to the Department of Justice and the country waits for a version to become public, I still must ask: What

While the Democrats in the House and Senate are demanding, voting and threatening subpoenas to get their hands on the full Mueller report, the report is not required by law to be provided to members of Congress.

You have to wonder if Obama is walking with Hillary in the woods pondering another chapter of ‘What Happened’. While we wait along with Congress, under this transparency thing for the full or semi-full disclosure of the Robert

Seems, American University encourages socialism through the Sine Institute of Policy and Politics. If there is any question, check out the events scheduled so far for 2019. Abdul El-Sayed Former Executive Director, Detroit Health Department; Former Candidate