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“Trump shocks GOP by siding with Dems” – But Should They Have Been?

The headlines have been blaring!  Trump has abandoned the Republicans and his acting like a Democrat – and the Republican leadership doesn’t like it.

Is Trump a Democrat?  The important question is really whether the Republicans in Congress can get anything done.  As the White House pointed out later, “The White House  . . . hailed the decision as providing room for the president and Congress to work on tax reform.”

The White House is making it clear, between its DACA decision and 6 month deferral and now the debt ceiling, that the only priority right now is tax reform.  Given the Republicans in Congress inability to pass any major legislation whatsoever, should anyone be shocked that Trump didn’t want a government shut down to get in the way of his most important legislative priority – without which reform the Republicans in Congress and Trump will likely get pummeled in the Midterm elections?

The Hill: Trump shocks GOP by siding with Dems

“President Trump shocked Republicans on Wednesday by making a deal with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling and provide aid to communities hit by Hurricane Harvey — right in front of his own party’s leaders at the White House.

The surprise deal left Republicans in despair and Democrats expressing glee.”

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  1. RE: Pelosi, Schumer gained ‘leverage’ in Trump debt deal”, at, http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/sep/7/pelosi-schumer-gained-leverage-trump-debt-deal/?utm_source=onesignal&utm_campaign=pushnotify&utm_medium=push

    “We have duties, for the discharge of which we are accountable to our Creator and benefactor, which no human power can cancel. What those duties are, is determinable by Right Reason, which may be, and is called, a well informed conscience. What this conscience dictates as our duty is so; and that power which assumes a control over it, is an usurper; for no power can be pleaded to justify the control, as any consent in this case is void ..”-The Essex Result, May 12, 177; please learn about your God and your 1/325,753,680 part of Consent of the Governed Ordained in Marriage to We the People, then ask your person, natural or naturalized of Duty, Honor, Service, nation, read the Whole, noting when it is written, at, http://press-pubs.uchicago .edu/founders /documents/v1ch4s8.html

    Mr. President, I was mistaken when I thought you UNDERSTOOD the OATH in Article II.

    You Don’t! You have just enjoined – your Person of HOLY SPIRIT-GOD’S ORAL, COMMON LAW/ Oath of Office – Truth, Trust, Promise, including Article I – to completely violate Article IV Republican form of government with protection of each STATE, the residence of each-one-person, especially notable – taxpayer, who is each-one Person, a man, a woman, a Child composing the Whole of HOLY SPIRIT-ONE GOD IN THREE PERSONS = The Contents of the Three Sacred Documents. In dealing with, not DEM, nor LIB, socialist-communist-UN – shall never at any time, nor under any circumstance obey God’s Oral, Common Law/ Oath in Pledge – to Reformation/ Truth of God in Christ Jesus in any Person, the third, who chooses, as did our Colonists and Founders ‘We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here”, to love, obey and follow Him. Not a ‘matter of UDHR articles 18 and 19 ‘opinion’ absent its synonym ‘probability’ totally dependent upon whose mouth is wagging.

    All levels of the Trinity: Papal Authority-UN-01/20/1009 government-in-exile-delusional-atheist, few men ruler’s of blind, arbitrary rules of conduct- control and manipulation of all language and communication, production and distribution of all knowledge-all land, water, atmosphere on world-down-below, the few ravenous wolves devouring the Whole System of Federalist Equilateral Triangle of Representative Government-, Isolated Constitution, The Creator of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God in separate and equal station of each-one-Person’s Independence’ composing the UNION of One People, is not any form of Law, rather the group-predetermined consensus of force in power-vain-idol-god’s forms of ‘bigger number’, the 2,017 years of collective, few men gentile- rulers over the serf/proletariat-who are always the taxpayers, the feeding trough for those wolves, since before the Romans, that is democracy’s socialist communist, atheist Papal Authority (2004, Resolution 58/314. “Participation of the Holy See in the work of the United Nations” = all committees of UN, only can’t vote and 12/01/2009 EU/Commission member-Holy See, city nation-state, the Only man-serving-man religion, Lisbon Treaty) from Invasion – infringement of RIGHT/ TRUTH/ GOD

    You insist that you shall bypass Constitutional Truth, Article I makes the Laws – not you, to increase the ‘debt ceiling’s’ sure path to complete destruction of Americans of God and Nation First, since there ‘political party’ is dissolved into who can lie better than another, predetermined- consensus by committee, you of one as dictator with your inherited administrative-police-state, and the other – declared, by decree and dictate by man-serving-man in hierarchy i.e., The Three Sacred Documents are null and void, Dame Margaret Thatcher’s “The Problem with socialism is there isn’t enough [vain-idol-god’s no eyes, no ears, no mouth property of its forms of ‘bigger number] money” a.k.a., TOTAL DEBT, the ability of the taxpayer to pay his debts, as well as the government-of man-serving-man’s complete supreme to God and to any law whatsoever — $67,779,784,000,000 climbing by the split nanosecond at http://usdebtclock.org/ .

    Worse, you are sustaining the derogation of 09/17/1789 and 03/04/1784, Ratified supreme Law of the Land- God in The Three Sacred Documents, for the terribly destructive, delusional, adversarial-democracy, collective mass people voting as bigger number – absolutely forbidden each-one-person for about the last about 7 generations:
    “It should always be remembered that this law, natural or revealed, made for men or for nations, flows from the same Divine source: it is the Law of God. Nature, or to speak more properly, the Author of Nature, has done much for us, but it is His gracious appointment and will, that we should also do as much for ourselves. What we do , indeed, must be founded on what He has done; and the deficiencies of our laws must be supplied by the perfection of His. Human law must rest its authority ultimately, upon that Law which is divine.
    Of that Law, the following are maxims —that no injury be done —that a lawful engagement, voluntarily made, should be faithfully fulfilled. We now see the deep and solid foundations of human law. From this short, but plain and, I hope, just [Truth-God] statement of things, we perceive a principle of connection between the two laws mentioned [the profession of Divinity and the profession of Law], far from being rivals or enemies, religion and law are twin sisters, friends, and mutual assistants. Indeed, these two sciences run into each other. ..” at Google Books, “The Works of the Honorable James Wilson, L.L.D.;
    Law and Liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become objects of our Knowledge.”- Hosea 4:6 “Because you have forgotten The Law of Your God”; Religion and the Law; pg. 1008, “American Patriot’s Bible, the Word of God and the Shaping of America”; Richard G. Less, Editor, Thomas Nelson, Publisher since 1769, on the occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the Reformation-Protest “Translators to The Reader”-Bible of Holy Spirit-Truth, 1611 KJV with Apocrypha [ROA#81, 12/8; APP 151 EXHIBIT LIST; Pg. 1/ lines 22-28]; and,

    You are bargaining with your fellow-country-persons (that does include child – as posterity) money – as you contribute to the destruction of “COM’MERCE, n. [Fr. commerce; L. commercium; con and mercor, to buy; merx, mereo. See Class Mr, No. 3. It. commercio; Sp. comercio; Port. commercio. Formerly accented on the second syllable.] 1. In a general sense, an interchange or mutual change of goods, wares, productions, or property of any kind, between nations or individuals, either by barter, or by purchase and sale; trade; traffick. ..; 2. Intercourse between individuals; interchange of work, business, civilities or amusements; mutual dealings in common life.; 4. Interchange; reciprocal communications; as, there is a vast commerce of ideas. – D. Webster.”.

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