2020 Vision: Rebellion by Voter Fraud

There were many facets of voter fraud and many layers of corruption that led to former Vice President Joe Biden’s purported win. Vote counting machines that shifted votes among candidates, insecure mail-in ballots, and suspicious early morning ballot dumps the morning after election day all represent the many faces of voter fraud. The failure of the media to give voters all of the facts about the candidates also contributed to election fraud as positive news about the economy and negative stories about the Democrat candidates were suppressed. Voters thus uninformed did not vote as they might have done. The net result is that while President Trump won a broad and comfortable victory, those perpetrating the fraud were able to offer an apparent victory to the President’s opponent. This fraudulent election is a rebellion against the American people and our Constitution.

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Layers of Fraud

According to the “official” results, President Trump earned over 74 million votes. Yet, where Dominion voting machines were deployed to count the ballots, Biden performed much better than he did elsewhere. It is likely that some 2-3% of votes overall were shifted from President Trump to Biden by these voting machines. Given the over 158 million votes counted (more than the total number of registered voters nationally) even the conservative 2% shift is over 3 million votes. Although the higher 3% would represent almost 5 million votes. Combined with hundreds of thousands of Trump votes that were disappeared on election night, it can be conservatively estimated that President Trump earned at least an unprecedented 78 million votes total and 311 electoral votes (270 being necessary to win).

Where the election stood election night before counting was halted.

Nevertheless, even with fraud that denied the President hundreds of thousands of votes and shifted untold millions to his opponent, on election night, Donald Trump still won the election. He held wide leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The Trump campaign anticipated wins also in Arizona and Nevada. When Trump took narrow leads in several states on election night in 2016, the surprised establishment (Deep State or Swamp if you please) were unprepared. The fraudsters were ready this go round.

In the early morning, Poll watchers and scrutineers were forced out of counting rooms in these states. Unburdened by oversight, election workers continued counting illegally. By truck loads and from suitcases concealed under tables came freshly printed ballots most marked for Biden alone with no down ticket votes. In numbers conveniently equal to the President’s lead in four battleground states, ballot dumps were made that were implausibly 96% for Biden in Michigan, or even less plausibly 99.5% for Biden in Pennsylvania. In total, some 1.2 million votes magically appeared that depleted the President’s lead in these critical states.

The President laid out this case in a recent address. A speech the media refused to cover. The media and the left simply repeat the refrain that “there is no evidence” of voter fraud. Like a gangster in a mob movie who says “you can’t prove anything.” They ignore the hundreds of signed affidavits collected by the President’s legal team, the obviously unconstitutional changes to election procedure, and the growing mountain of evidence that voting machines were misreporting results. Thus, half of the country is certain that the election was wholly fraudulent and the other half has no idea why they believe this.

The Big Steal

According to “official” results, former Vice President Joe Biden earned over 81 million votes in the election. This in spite of the fact that he did not draw more than a couple dozen people to any given campaign event. The 2-3% shift from the Dominion voting machines means that at least 3 million of those votes were actually for President Trump. This brings Biden down to at most 78 million and perhaps 76 million, far below the President.

The mail in voting allowed an unquantifiable number of votes from the dead. Many voters, especially registered Democrats, received more than one ballot. Many people who had moved from one state to another received their ballots from their previous residence. In Nevada alone, this led to a substantial number of out of state votes. These voters also presumably voted in their new states of residence. Between dead votes and over votes (those more than once or in multiple states) untold millions of votes were cast for Biden. These would diminish Biden’s vote total still farther.

What is more, due to mail in voting, a number of people voted who might not have voted otherwise. Had they not received a ballot (or several) by mail they might have chosen to sit out the election. Again, it is difficult to measure this number. Election turnout in the United States has never topped 90% of registered voters in the last century. Yet, as of now we have more votes cast than the highest number of registered voters that has ever been reported. In 2016 the Clerk of the House of Representatives reported a peak voter registration of 157.6 million of approximately 228 million eligible citizen adults in the United States.

Mail in voting, overvotes, the votes of the dead, and the ballot stuffing votes on the morning after the election have thus driven the purported turnout of voters. Even if somehow there are closer to 160 million registered voters, that is still an implausible 98-99% turnout of registered voters and nearly 70% of eligible adults.

The media, now essentially an arm of the Democrat Party, also contributed to the fraudulent election. Nearly 1 in 6 Biden voters in swing states reported that they would not have voted for Biden and half of them would have voted for Trump if they had known about any one of eight major news stories that were not reported. These include the Hunter Biden scandal, Kamala Harris’ extreme political views, and several positive stories about the economic recovery to Trump’s credit. These voters were in swing states, granted, but they are a statistically significant number of voters.

It should be obvious now that steps must be taken to secure future elections. Mail in voting must be eliminated. Absentee voting should be permitted only for the military, those abroad on US government business, and the disabled. All absentee voters have to request a ballot and confirm their identity (by signature verification). Early voting should be permitted within 30 days of election day, only for those who travel for work and can demonstrate a need to vote prior to election day. European countries, and most countries, generally do not permit mail in voting or severely constrain it. It is considered too great a risk to fraud.

All other votes should be cast in person, on election day by those who can show a valid photo ID that confirms their citizenship. Paper ballots must be counted in machines not vulnerable to hacking or otherwise programmed to give faulty results. Votes should be counted completely on election night. The entire election should be certified within 3 days, recounts to be done within 7. It is ridiculous to have House of Representatives races wherein counting was completed only a month after election day.

President-Elect Pretender

The courts have proven useless in hearing the demands of Americans concerned about election fraud. So the election process continues without judicial intervention. The President-Elect is not officially declared until the electoral votes are counted before a joint session of Congress on January 6th. It has been a tradition that when election results are well established on election night, we might refer to the purported winner as the President-Elect. Under these circumstances the election results are still very highly contested.

Former Vice President Joe Biden gives a premature election victory speech.

On January 6th, literally anything could happen. Vice President Mike Pence will preside over a joint session of Congress wherein the votes will be officially counted. The Vice President can recognize and hear challenges to the electoral vote count. Moreover, in several states there are “Dueling Electors,” that is, more than one slate of electors has cast their votes for President. It is an open question how Congress might act. There are more Democrats in Congress than Republicans at the moment but only just: 271 to 262 overall (these do not include the 2 Senate seats in Georgia the runoff for which will have been held the day before).

The millions of Americans disenfranchised by the voter fraud must be heard and the results of this election must be overturned. The unconstitutional changes in voting procedures, the illegal counting of ballots out of sight of poll watchers, the statistical anomalies, and the ballot stuffing are a serious problem for this country. Make no mistake, this was an insurrection, a rebellion, against the American people, our democracy, and our constitution. The President and Congress must take extraordinary steps to secure our Republic and restore the government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

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