…And Justice for All

by kenneth White

There should be no words in front of or after the word “Justice” if your idea of Justice revolves around the Who is receiving Justice and not on If Justice works for all, then you have no clue what Justice is. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one Nation under God “Indivisible” with liberty and “Justice for all…” When you read that with the clear understanding American is still growing, still learning, sometimes slower than some would want.

Yet, America progresses at a pace that still makes some older Nations look like they are standing still, with all the racial strife, violence and vitriol its easy to see the divine intent on this Nation. What can we achieve with anger that cannot more easily be gained with love? The promise is right there for all to see! This Nation in its intent is a goodly Nation with flaws to mirror all its people, but we can not deny the Nation strives daily to be a Nation for all.

God bless America and thereby bless the world , Amen.

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