Are Our Athletes Trying not to win Gold?

by kenneth White

US Olympic Sprinter Gabby Thomas says the “black boycott” of the Olympics “really hurts.”

I said what I said about these Olympic debacles, as always I get excoriated when I first come out with some of my positions. That is because (with no hubris) you can’t see what I can see! Just like Steve Harvey said: “what God gifts to me ain’t for you it’s for me and then it’s my responsibility to give Him the glory and praise and then speak it to the people.”

When I first journeyed down this spiritual/Supernatural path, I would let my concerns about how people would view me impact how I delivered the messages. A friend told me “Kenny stop being so cryptic.” Well I’m over all of that now! I shall speak as I am given to speak, yet there will be times when I speak and it is not a Prophetic word it’s just me. This is not one of those times. I said wait until August and even more so August 10th and it will be undeniable that some of these athletes didn’t want to win gold.

They threw the gold away in childish silly passive protest and support of the WOKE movement. Well here it is, here it comes revelations of the truth. To that leftist TROLL who said he could guarantee I was wrong: OK America the left has done great damage to this Nation. I am not sure how we will repair it. I just know one thing about these WOKE black athletes, I am so glad they weren’t the ones to champion the cause for black Americans during the civil rights movement. Back when it was really rough, really hard, and sweltering hot hot hot! With racism and bigotry, these so called champions may be good at what they do and that’s nice, in deciding to make this Olympics about their agenda even after Japan respectfully asked “Don’t bring that DANK to our country.”

Japan is a dignified Nation they wanted to host an Olympics for the world but. Don’t think for a second they will forget what black Americans and others did in their country. But I’m so glad history didn’t call on these people during the civil rights movement and before to lift the heavy mantle of fighting for racial equality. Because they’re to weak to do or lift what they’re trying to lift or do.

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