North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has very nearly run out of money. South Korean political figure Kang Seok-ho, of the Liberty Korea Party, cited intelligence that Un’s hard currency reserves will be depleted by

On the campaign trail last year candidate Donald Trump decried the tendency of the US to give money to countries that harm American national interests and those of our allies. The President is making good

Times are certainly changing in East Asia. Tensions are rising as North Korea (NorKs) shows increasing belligerence.  The continuing test-firings of long-range missiles by North Korea has only increased those tensions and the excitement along the

In two recent off year gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, the Democrats managed to defend two important Blue state governorships. That they had to spend a great deal of money and energy to

It is no secret that the United States needs reliable allies in the Middle East. Israel, our closest ally in the region, stands largely alone in its long standing and reliable friendship. Israel is a

German voters have given an epic thumbs down to their leaders in an upsetting election for Germany’s ruling parties. Chancellor Angela Merkel, “Mutti” (mother) as she has come to be known, has welcomed over 1 million