Dear California, It’s time to break up. by Dr. Bridget Melson

Dear California,

It’s time to break up.

I would have texted you but that’s something you would do, not me. I have more integrity than that because I was raised well.

It has taken me a while to write this. I must admit, your beauty is breathtaking. Your silky strands of sandy beaches, your awe inspiring mountainous peaks and your peaceful postcard deserts are what kept us together longer than we should have been…

We were raised together, grew up together and continued a relationship that eventually became one-sided and now it must end. I wish I could say it’s me and not you. But it is you. You’ve changed California, and I don’t even recognize you anymore.

During most of our time together, you supported me in my beliefs and values. I was raised to respect the flag we flew every 4th of July, Flag Day, Memorial Day and when the troops came home. Californians stood in unison when the first man stepped foot on the moon and when important people passed on to a better place. We stopped everything in school when the National Anthem was played and we recited the pledge of allegiance to our flag every morning in class.

No one ever dared to kneel when the flag was raised or even thought about disrespecting it by burning it, hanging it upside down, replacing it with a rainbow, or stomping on it. In fact I remember when I was young and I accidently dropped our flag on the ground. My great grandfather rose proudly out of his brown weathered armchair, called me over to him and sternly, yet gently, told me that I should never let that happen again and why. It brought me to tears and I will never forget that conversation—about WWI and WWI, the sacrifices made, the tears cried and the hearts forever changed. You, California, used to support this honorable mentality.

When we were together I used to be able to fill a tank of gas without piling on tax after tax just so you had more money to spend on your progressive agenda. All in the name of “helping” you progress while only contributing to lining the pockets of politicians and talking “Climate change” heads.

Back then, your “friends”, or politicians, weren’t perfect but at least some of them looked out for us. They showed up at our doors to shake hands. They let us pray in schools, they let teachers display Bibles. They let parents parent. Boys were taught to be boys and had wood shop class, played like boys and handled bully issues at 3:00 after school. End of story. Girls were girls, wore dresses, were modest and were taught how to be responsible wives and mothers, how to cook and sew, have manners and were supported in their domestic duties and gifting as compassionate partners.

We played outside until the street lights were on because it was safe. We lit fireworks and played with lawn darts and climbed trees; we filled water balloons, washed our own cars, drank from the hose and didn’t wear helmets. And if we got hurt–that was on us and our parents. We dealt with it—usually with Bactine and a band aid. No one sued anyone over it and we were usually back outside playing five minutes later.

We built our own skateboard ramps, played in the street without a “children playing” sign and obnoxious orange cones; we had lemonade stands without permits and bought bomb pops and crunch bars for a quarter from the ice cream man and bubblegum for a penny. We road to the corner store in the backs of station wagons and pick-up trucks and giggled about how bouncy it was.

Thanks to corrupt lawyers and selfish politicians you have removed the ability to have these childhood rites of passage and have ruined it for generations to come.

And parents…oh California…you have completely stripped parents of their natural rights. Vaccines used to be simple, effective and a choice; spanking was a regular occurrence, and if our parents didn’t get us a neighbor would. And it was no big deal. It taught us discipline and respect.

We learned about California history in schools, how to fix a car, build a cabinet, and respect our military and our elders. We learned that the Bible and prayer were important and foundational to this country. Girl Scouts only had girls and Boy Scouts only had boys. We learned about work ethic, morality, grace, and friendship.

Now all you want to teach our children is about why it is too hot in the summer and not cold enough in the winter and that this is somehow our fault. You harp on why our landfills will replace neighborhoods one day, our oceans will dry up, our icebergs will melt, and that our water will kill us if peanut butter and soy doesn’t first.

You’re more concerned with “saving the animals” than “saving innocent babies” from the hands of evil abortion doctors who you fund. YOU fund these murderers.  On top of that, California, you make good people who are against this evil act, pay for this immoral act through immoral taxation.

Again–I don’t even recognize you anymore.

You’re changing history books to fit your twisted agenda and instead of focusing on the beauty of diversity you are creating an atmosphere of racism by attempting to eliminate key historical figures. You have now placed a focus on their skin color and their sexual lifestyle instead of on their moral stance and intellectual ability. I care about their accomplishments not their melatonin. I am interested in their moral stance not knowing who their bedmates are. You have become so morally bankrupt that you only focus on the sickness of their hearts and ignore the millions of upstanding people who have supported you for years.

I am no longer one of those people.

YOU are leading the way on changing laws that permit men to go into women’s dressing rooms if they are so inclined. You are teaching 5 year olds about sex, handing condoms out to 10 year olds and giving permission to 12 year old girls to kill their babies without parental consent.

You have taking Godly marriage and turned it into a disgrace. You mock people for going to church and praying to the God by which we are endowed. You have given people extra rights that I never had, nor want for that matter, as now males can “marry” males and females can “marry” females. Thankfully it’s just a piece of paper and not legal in God’s eyes…but again? Where are your principles, morals and concern for the people?

You have curriculum in schools that teach that boys and girls aren’t really boys and girls and that they are free to choose from up to 50 genders.  If they don’t, the parent’s rights are now at risk.

Having to even write this saddens me and I think maybe just texting you this break up would have been a better idea. But again, I am better than that.  You are owed an explanation in hopes that miraculously you will change.

While I will miss some of what you had to offer: the mountains and beaches, Disneyland, friends, family and fabulous weather, I have found that my new love has much more to offer and is simply a better fit for all that I am and believe in. My new love has less taxes, lower gas prices, fireworks on the 4th of July, Second Amendment rights, safety, patriotism, parental rights, freedom, sanity, God and morality. People talk freely about God and politics. Groceries are less expensive, and everyone is neighborly, kind, respectful and my job as wife and mom is once again appreciated, encouraged and cherished.

My kids have affordable land to run around on and they can climb trees, throw lawn darts, jump on trampolines, shoot guns and ride bikes all day long with or without their helmet—their choice. We can have lemonade stands without permits, ride in the back of a pick-up truck on a summer day and fill water balloons and wash our cars outside without penalty or evil stares from nosey, millennial neighbors.

I exchanged your ocean for lakes and your 75 degree weather for four seasons and some electrifying thunderstorms.

Unlike you, my new love is business friendly, family friendly and our politicians actually listen to us. My vote counts here, flags are flown freely be it the flag of Texas, Old Glory, Don’t Tread on me, or the Confederate flag. And no one is offended. Patriotism is alive and well and encouraged. Diversity is not held against me as a white, Christian woman and we embrace our differences—for we are all simply “Americans” here in Texas. No hyphens needed.

Boys are boys and girls are girls. There are no gender confused restrooms and marriage is still honored as a vow between a man and a woman. Businesses are closed on Sunday to honor God and family and everyone is in church. Are we all perfect? No, but without the immoral pressures and your prejudiced agenda we are making the effort to be God-centered and here it is supported and admired.

We carry firearms and act responsibly and therefore the rate of crime is lower. And guess what California–if an intruder comes onto my property and threatens me? I can shoot them and they can’t sue me. I am the Queen of my Castle—not you. I have rights as defined in the Constitution because America is here.

We are all patriots and Americans whose only goal is to make America great and to restore her to the Godly country she once was—no thanks to you.

I do have a final request for you. I have friends and family who for varying reasons cannot leave you or choose not to. I respect their decision and love them greatly and I need you to at least to slow down the rapid path of decline you are on. My prayers are forever with them.

I fought long and endured much. I have children now that deserve a chance to experience the true essence of America, freedom, opportunity, and our rights as outlined in the Constitution. We have the right to train up our children, to pray to our God and be better stewards of what God has given us. I cannot allow you to take advantage of me anymore. Although it breaks my heart, my hope has been restored by finally breaking up with you. I only wish I would have done so sooner.

Thank you for the many years of happiness, the memorable times at your beaches and mountains, the fireworks and freedom, the beautiful weather and great politicians of the past. I will never forget playing outside, bbqing with neighbors and riding in the back grandpa’s pick-up truck on a summer afternoon. I found all of this and more here in my new state and I plan on being loyal to her as she has already restored so much for me and my family.

I am now taking a stand and letting you go…

May God have mercy upon you and I wish all the success to those who choose to stay in the fight. Be kind to them.

Your (former) California girl,

Dr. B

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