What does a society do when the loud minority believes “two wrongs do indeed make a right”? When “right” is discounted and “wrong” is encouraged? And when they both become gray areas instead of absolutes?

The year 2020 will indeed be a year to remember.  From politics to pundits, to differing medical opinions and a pesky pandemic, we have experienced a variety of unknowns like we have never seen. The events

They say it is a pandemic. Uncertainty abounds. The disease alone, however is not the issue. There is also a psychological aspect that all of us should consider and for which we all can play

Short answer: Don’t count on it. Once again, I turned on the television to catch up on the latest news and was sadly greeted with video of yet another mass shooting. Immediately, I write up my

That public hearing should never had happened. Kavanaugh should have been confirmed. The side show should have remained behind closed doors. That hyper-politicized circus was complete with prepped players, cynical clowns and political trapeze artists. They have

Are Psychiatrists Prescribing the Smoking Gun That Fuels The Fire? This Florida mass shooting incident by yet another “troubled teen”, namely Nick Cruz, has awakened the investigative reporter and behavior analyst in me. In the last

Life just got real for hundreds of students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. 17 families did not welcome their child home yesterday afterschool. A loving coach stood in the path of bullets to protect his students and

Dear California, It’s time to break up. I would have texted you but that’s something you would do, not me. I have more integrity than that because I was raised well. It has taken me a while to

The unfortunate evil act of the Las Vegas Shooter, now known as Stephen Paddock, is once again fueling debate on social media and beyond about whether the issue of gun control needs to be revisited. Various