Defiling the National Anthem

I have always enjoyed the talents of Jill Scott. However her divisive and disrespectful mutilation of our National Anthem, with a double down of doing it during the celebration of this Nation’s 247th Birthday, multiplied the damage. There are those who wittingly or unwittingly serve the system of control. Malcolm X warned us about such a dynamic within the community of black celebrities. Even Ice Cube is trying to warn about “THE GATEKEEPERS.” Do not be wowed by the talented or gifted who use their talents and gifts to lull the people into the corral of the New World Order (NWO).

“I would much rather listen to Alfalfa croon than listen to Jill Scott sing again…”

K. White

Jill Scott abused her talents to do harm to America. There is nothing classy, soulful, or righteous about that ugly performance. I won’t go deeper into it, even though I could utterly destroy this ugly act with my point by point rebuttal. Instead, I will just end by saying: I hope the Holy Spirit convicts Jill Scott for this horrible performance and she’s moved to apologize to the future. I personally am done with her! She is nothing but another Gatekeeper. (Black America doesn’t need this….)

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