Clinton Scandals: Where is Page 217?

Does anyone out there really understand the Clinton machine?

Since the Mueller report was delivered to the Department of Justice and the country waits for a version to become public, I still must ask: What about that Clinton machine?

Senator Lindsey Graham has declared his Judiciary Committee is going to do a deep dive and the genesis of the whole dossier game. Then we have this U.S. Attorney for Utah, John Huber that has been assigned to review the Clinton side of the equation. So far crickets…

The inventory of items that both Bill and Hillary have gotten away with so far is epic – the least of which is the private email server, Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation. Remarkable eh?

Yet, we need to go back even further to an event that has long been forgotten to understand how that Clinton machine works with the big help of swamp players in several government agencies. So, it is a good time to reintroduce Sandy Berger.

Former Clinton official Sandy Berger dies - CNNPolitics

He was the fella that stolen documents marked CODE WORD from the National Archives and after much cover, he had to pay a $50,000 fine and do some community service. Swell huh?

Why does it matter now? Well, Berger stole documents related to the Millennium After Action Report. The report was authored by Richard Clarke and was ordered by then President Bill Clinton. It was about the Al Qaeda operatives inside the United States prior to 9/11.

Several pages were taken by Berger and page number 217 was never recovered. What is worse, during the 9/11 Commission investigation, key documents were never provided to the members of the Commission much less told about them.

Berger was assigned as the point person to provide testimony to the Commission. He was a great actor, never revealing his theft, he maintained a great poker-face.

When someone visits the National Archives, they are subject to countless rules described in the Red Book and a SCIF must be used when reviewing documents under CODE WORD classifications. Pretty much all those rules were violated not only by National Archives personnel assisting Berger but also by Berger himself. He actually stuffed documents in his pockets and socks and removed them from the building. He then hid some under a construction trailer for later retrieval.

Okay, so who in the Clinton machine was part of the theft and cover up?

  • Lanny Breuer: Berger’s lawyer drafted the plea deal. He was former White House counsel for Clinton and Obama. He passed up prosecution of mega banks and HSBC for laundering drug money and he was also one of the obstruction lawyers in the Fast and Furious case. As a sidebar, he is at Covington & Burling working the international division. C&B is also Eric Holder’s employer.
  • Christopher Wray: presently the Director of the FBI. At the time, he was the Assistant Attorney General and did not bother to really prosecute Berger but rather accepted the thin plea agreement.
  • Lanny Davis: one of the many Clinton lawyers. He was assigned to be the spinmeister, challenging in the media anyone to come forward and publically charge with evidence the Sandy Berger theft.
  • Bruce Lindsey: another Clinton White House lawyer and Clinton confidant. He orchestrated the pardon for Hillary’s brother who took $400,000 for the work of two other pardons by President Clinton for Marc Rich and Almon Glenn Braswell. Lindsey wore the moniker of captain of defense in the Clinton White House including the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Oh, Lindsey was on the Board of the Clinton Foundation since 2001 and became CEO in 2004.

The machine includes lots of others even as recently as 2014.

     Obama hosted a dinner on dealing with Islamic State….who was there?  President and Vice President are having a private dinner with a group of foreign policy experts, including former Administration officials from Republican and Democratic Administrations, academics and think tank experts. The President looks forward to engaging with this group and hearing their views on a range of national security and foreign policy issues. Administration participants: The President The Vice President Secretary of State John Kerry Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken Counselor to the President John Podesta Phil Gordon, White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region Suzy George, Executive Secretary / Chief of Staff for the National Security Council External participants: Sandy Berger Zbigniew Brzezinski Tom Donilon Michele Flournoy Richard Haass Steve Hadley Jane Harman Michael Morell Strobe Talbott.

So, as part of the Berger theft investigation, he was ordered to have a polygraph initiated by the Department of Justice. He never did. Were all the documents and 20 pages of handwritten notes ever returned? The Inspector General says no.

Was the FBI brought in on the case? Yes, kinda sorta but they never asked about all of Berger’s visits to the National Archives and did a deep dive in the investigation. Did the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee do their duty and investigate? Yes. Did anything come of that? No.

Was the 9/11 Commission cheated on all the facts and documents regarding conditions leading up to the al Qaeda attack on America? Yes. Anyone indicted for obstructing the 9/11 investigation? No.

That Clinton machine has countless channels of power to keep the positive spin that the media loves and keeps the FBI and the Department of Justice as a far distance. Is there a Berger file somewhere that includes page 217? Anyone know?

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