Rev. Dr. King Betrayed

When I sit here and think about all the people who paid the ultimate price so that blacks could have the right to vote… Blacks, Jews, Latinos suffered much so that we would enjoy one of the greatest rights of being an American citizen, and now just days before the birthday of one of our Nations greatest Civil rights leaders the Republican Civil Rights activist and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, this churl of a man Eric Adams betrays all these civil rights giants who fought and died for our right to vote.

The right to vote is a hallmark of freedom and being an American Now this man, yet another misguided black Mayor spits on the premium of the gains made for blacks. Not once did anyone advocate for illegals to have the same rights as we do. Not President Lincoln, Not Dr. King Jr or even the honorable Malcolm X. This mayor has just made moot the 13th, 14th & 15th amendments as “Conditioned Blacks” cheer him on. I can just see it, the Memphis three (freedom riders) who were murdered as they drove through the south to help gain the right to vote for blacks, the little girls killed in the church bombings, the victims of Selma, etc they are rolling in their graves at this gross betrayal of their sacrifices.

When I look at Eric Adam’s I see Joe Biden, how is that? I see Joe Biden because Eric Adams just like Joe Biden: he immediately betrayed the black voters who voted them in, how does allowing none citizens to vote help the black community? When they’re at odds with each other for the same resources!! The same resources Eric Adams just gave illegals by giving them the right to vote for resources to give to themselves?!! Add to that insult the resources will come from us! This is the typical “Inch Mile” game of the left, if they gain this disgusting inch, they will drive a mile over the constitution. I visualize Eric Adams looking at our great leaders and marchers of the past with a typical leftist Snarky smile and saying to them: “Bet ya’ll didn’t see that coming?”

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