The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

There’s a reason the wise stick with The Southside Unicorn Show! As I’ve said before I’m not here with polish and glitz, I’m not trying to be famous. If I wanted money I surely wouldn’t be doing this bringing on attacks from the wicked and bile, shadow banning and real cancel culture! I “open my mouth” because I have too! I am NEVER ashamed to say that and give glory to the lord 🙏, Amen. What I Have shared over these many years has all come to pass. For those of you who faithfully follow me you know this. Nothing is “Breaking News” to you, why? because I speak it here before it becomes a thing before the chirons can scroll it. Now here’s this Artificial Intelligence (AI).

America there’s a very serious game at play and it has nothing to do with polls, Presidents, or parties. It has to do with the little horn, the unclean one moving his minions over the earth to create desolation, death, and misery. As the black community holds tight to a spirit of unforgiveness and reparations, the cage is being built that will make Hotel Hanoi, Aushwitz, and any other prison camp seem like a resort. The cold horror of this new prison camp is, you won’t even know you’re in it thanks to the birth of AI and META…

For years I have warned of a world underneath this world, the world most can’t see, yet it exists and is as deadly as anything on this earth. There’s an article wrote it was published a while back as I attempted to warn Black America who will be the greatest recipients of this fundamentally transformed America’s ill intent.

My warnings were met with scoff, mockery, and ridicule. I’m used to that and I’m also accustomed to being vindicated too. So now comes some of the greatest minds and most powerful people years later saying “exactly” what I have warned about years ago. Some want to look at Elon Musk sideways thinking he’s just as bad as any of our enemies, in truth he’s something else to be discussed at a later time. Yet now he has added his voice to the clarion call. While America and the world are still in flux reeling from the biological assault of the virus, we must not allow the full implementation of AI.

So now that finally people with standing are coming out and full throat warning of the same thing, I pray it will be enough that the people will start to listen. You must! You must become engaged in this. Lord God thank you, I know I am still a work in progress and there are more times when I am just living my everyday life. Yet I thank you for using me when you will and so I do not fear opening my mouth. Thank you for being a “Right Now” God, that my faith in you by speaking what I am given does not come back void, amen. God bless you God and thank you for this day, In Jesus name Amen.

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