Uvalde Police Failures Cost Children’s Lives

With the preliminary report out on the Uvalde Texas incident, those officers should spare the people the pain of seeking their dismissal, they should resign and fade away. It would be an easy matter if we could just say this was a “Gross Dereliction Of Duty,” but this is much more than that. The scathing report says there was no clear “command structure” that day. There were citizens begging these people to do something! The citizens begged them to just get out of the way and let them do something! It took more than an hour before any action was taken. Anyone there that day understood there were children being killed by a crazed gunman. I ask you: what leader?! What order?! Would anyone need to do everything possible to stop the killing?!

No, we can’t say this is Dereliction of duty. Some might say they allowed this to happen and that their lack of Action was intentional, we would have to line up a lot of factors to get there. It would be easier if we could steal from the movie “The Fifth Element” and pretend these people were really Mangalore in human disguise and we all know Mangalore won’t attack without a leader, but that’s just a movie right?! So back to reality… Using “Occam’s Razor” the simplest answer is often the right answer; they were cowards! Because not even Mangalore would stand around while children were in danger…

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