America on Trial: The Rittenhouse Case

A star witness in the case against Kyle Rittenhouse admitted under cross examination that Rittenhouse did not fire at him until the witness aimed his weapon at Rittenhouse.

That this young man Rittenhouse is even on trial puts the very notion of America on trial. The left dared to flex its’ topsy-turvy control over our laws by prosecuting what on days gone by is a “minuteman patriot:” young Kyle Rittenhouse.

He exemplified what is best in American youth and our American spirit as a people, we don’t stand by and do nothing while evil runs amuck. Rittenhouse did an excellent Job of saving his own life and exercised better weapon control than did Alec Baldwin. Sadly there is “A Time to Kill” and in the spirit of that name sake movie, I say to the “Woke DA’s”, “You turn that boy lose, he doesn’t deserve to be in jail!”

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