Baby Formula: Catch 22 from Hell!

Now I don’t want this to be too complicated here, but I must show everyone why the left are once again creating a crisis. So I will keep this simple, while the talking heads are saying this is a boon to the “Black” Market at the border and that it helps the undocumented and Ukraine, there’s another reason this shortage exist that the left has on silent running for now. Our young women have enough pressures on them, “The baby killers” have always used the argument. “Isn’t it better to just abort them than to bring a child into a world where food is hard to find? Where there are wars?” This is their “go to” argument as opposed to adoption.

Add to that this baby formula crisis is hard on the psyche of those in the inner city who even in times of plenty find it hard to provide for their children. With this new silk linen of “baby food shortages” laid over the abortion slab, it will seem right and humane to resume aborting, this will become an arguing point for abortion. Not to mention, child support is meant to ensure food, housing, clothing and other essentials for the child. All those things are now scarce and as Joe Biden says may become even worse going forward. Even with that being true and an abject failure of our government to the people, a failure that seems almost by design.

The Child support industrial complex will still squeeze for every dime, thereby creating a dynamic of pure desperation on all parties mothers and fathers alike. Often it will be a man who must still pay child support or lose his ability to earn a living in these trying times. Meanwhile, the child still can’t get food due to these shortages?! Doubling the weight on the parents to provide creating an environment where the government will seem to be the savior, even as they are already our task masters. This baby formula crisis will be milked for all its worth…

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