Kari Lake Sits Against Racism

We have entered a time when things begin to lose their meaning and give way to the mob mentality. Playing the Black National Anthem at the Super Bowl is just one example. So many things are being misused by our enemies to bring America down, seems race has proven to be one of their best weapons of all. No one can deny the black human being has suffered unspeakable horrors here in this land of opportunity. Our suffering, our pain, anger and frustrations are justified. Yet through it all our faith that God would deliver us sustained us, galvanized us and served to convert many. Our love of this nation, despite how we were treated, served as a transformative force and made friends of enemies, allies from unlikely sources and helped to turn America away from what was a self destructive path; the promotion of Racism in our Nation.

Our enemy has done their home work and realized racism is a corrosive force. This Nation, which is made for a good and moral people, will wither if racism is allowed to flourish. Over the years we have made great strides to rid and reduce that corrosive and divisive force in our Nation. However, as we have seen over the years a new faction we call “The Woke” are using Racism to it’s better effects. Their aims would have little effect if it weren’t for the fact that many in our Nation are seduced by the lure of “The Woke,” with its entertainment, sporting events, music, media and social sites. Our young are awash in the framing and talking points. This is as wicked a design as if it were made by the devil himself. The Great Malcolm X said that blacks who support the Democrat party (aka “The Woke”) are political chumps, politically immature, and indeed traitors to their race.

Nothing could be more true than this push to make all things black. While it looks like “progressivism,” blacks and their once noble cause are being used by a sick beefed up version of Marxism. This Marxism will twist the “Noble story” of blacks in America into a weapon of, ironically, our own destruction. I have said many times “revenge is not equality.” Seems I speak it and God provides the backdrop to make the point I spoke. We all know the immortal story of Rosa Parks. She refused to stand in support of injustice and helped to lead us towards the path that would save America. Now in black history month we see Kari Lake refuse to succumb to injustice. Their stories are exactly the same as they both stand for the exact same thing. Freedom and Justice for all.

The problem with Kari Lake’s part in this generational story, is that it is fogged over with the NFL’s misuse of “The Black National Anthem.” Remember our enemies are using race for all it is worth. The media will hammer Ms. Lake by saying she showed “no respect.” “The Woke,” however, are showing a greater disrespect. Allow me to explain. Anytime our Nation’s Anthem is planned to be played at an event. NOTHING proceeds the Anthem. Yet this Black National Anthem was played before our Nations Anthem with the approval and sanction by the NFL. So, Kari Lake, like Rosa Parks before her, was placed at a point and moment in time where they both had to decide what to do: bow to the forces of injustice or sit down and stand for their rights. To represent the check this Nation wrote out ensuring their rights?

God bless both heroines for making the right choices. Rosa Parks was arrested as racism was the law of the land at the time. And now that we have freedom and equal Justice under the law. “The Woke” only has the media as its justice system to lay judgment upon the head of Kari Lake, by use of The NFL and its vast control over the mediums. The Holy Spirit did bid me to make a podcast many years ago titled “LEGISLATING FROM THE NFL” I made this show obediently 4 years ago. Take a listen and be humbled by my statements:

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