As if doing that something is to take away American rights and access to weapons under the 2nd Amendment. There another ways to “DO SOMETHING!” In each state we have enough retired peace officers, Veterans, highly competent security and volunteers to place two Armed personnel on each school in America. Wanna do something?! DO THAT!!

Joe Biden has so far given $54 Billion Dollars and untold scores of guns and munitions to the Ukraine. The suggestion I made would have cost $27 Billion and if we placed only 1 armed professional per school it would be $13.5 Billion. Meaning our tax dollars that went to protect the children of Ukraine could have protected our children for almost two years until we develop something better. Joe did you spend our last $54 billion on Ukraine? Is there no more money available? I don’t want to see one more dime spent anywhere outside our borders until the DEMOCRATS stop playing politics with our most precious resource: OUR CHILDREN!

If they are so precious start acting like it and secure the damned schools! News flash: you don’t have to destroy the constitution to do it!! Enough is enough #SecureOurSchools! As a Parent who has lost two children and a young man I loved like a nephew and a former employee who became a friend, I share your indescribable grief in UVALDE, Texas. I am so sorry for the loss. Yet today we have a duty to ensure the madness of standing by leaving our children vulnerable and then reacting with faux fire from DEMOCRATS ends. We owe it to all we have lost and in hopes we lose no more this way. Now, spend our money to protect our children or resign; that is doing something!

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