Oscar La Vista Baby!

Just one more reason I’m glad I didn’t waste “Eye Ball Juice” on this crap! Will Smith is a great disappointment, this was more about blacks with opposing political view points than Jada, and as always the left goes violent. There is nothing out of bounds for comedians, nothing! Especially for black comedians. If you’re in a relationship where your bodies are free game to others outside of your relationship, you have no right trying to feint “Sir Galahad!” The horse left the barn and went to graze in other pastures. This was yet again a spectre of something I find heartbreaking in all its forms: Black on Black Crime. It’s a sad sight to see. Besides that’s why gowns and suits are worn, it’s supposed to deter such low end behavior. Shame on you Will Smith! But then again, given your open life style, I suppose you have no shame do you! Mr. Denzel Washington’s tears are not for the same reason as Will Smiths tears.

Many years ago Chris Rock said he would no longer perform at Colleges and other venues, he said because the left aka “The woke” can’t take a joke! How prophetic his words were. What Will Smith did was wrong on too many levels to list here. My mind turns to the greats, Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx among others. What they would think of this? There are many comedians still living who may not offer an opinion contrary to the narrative “Will was defending his wife’s honor” for fear of being canceled themselves. I wasn’t watching the Oscars anyway like millions of Americans, but if this was a stunt to shed light on the waning Oscars, guess they tried the “Even negative publicity is good publicity angle.” It may have worked for a little while, but truthfully America is getting tired of the tired ugliness from the “Beautiful People.” Their Intolerance, hypocrisy, and violence has jumped the shark one time too many. I suspect just as the left removed statutes from our society, there’s one more statue left to remove and it’s America’s turn to do it! #OscarLaVista baby! you’re done.

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