You Can Help Bring School Choice to California

There are those who would say: “Power to the people,” then they turn around and vote Democrat. The Democrats are a party defined by drawing tax dollars and political authority into the hands of powerful elites who seek ever greater power over the lives of average Americans.

Today I worked a ballot initiative table and I saw the same thing I have seen since I was a kid: privileged whites and blacks who were offended that someone was offering inner city kids the same chance their children have: access to a good education. School choice is THE civil rights cause of the 21st Century. Lack of access to good education is one of the driving forces behind economic inequality for minorities.

Apathy and indifference are how we came to the terrible condition of education we find ourselves in today. A man stood right in my face and said: “My kids are all educated, their kids are educated. I care about what’s 12 miles east (pointing toward Yucaipa, CA) and not what’s 12 miles west (pointing towards San Bernardino, CA.)” San B is a poorer neighborhood with a larger minority population.

There are many issues that are important, none more important than this: making the money follow the kids. We need your signatures for the Education Freedom Act and or 2 hours of your volunteer time per week to get this done. There is not much time left. If Republican civil rights leader Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr or Malcolm X were alive today, given the condition of education for all children emphasis minority children, they would be working a table this Saturday & Sunday. You should too! Click the link and help save our children.

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