Do you trust the FBI?  Do you trust the Department of Justice? For years the Left told America to Question Authority.  Now, however, as Michael Goodwin puts it "Evidence Suggests a Massive Scandal Is Brewing at

PV's Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Eric Early, Republican Candidate for California Attorney General 2018 Key Endorsements:  Republican Senate Leader Pat Bates, Senator Joel Anderson Question No. 1. What do you view the role of Attorney General to be? Eric Early: I

The American Media speaks in apocalyptic terms about Trump, America and the World. Trump is unacceptable to them and his policies are destroying the Country if not the world. It may well be, however, that many Americans

Imagine if we had a normal presidency.  Actually, that may not be a good idea - the last several presidencies have had weak performing economies.  Now we have this. "A recent Quinnipiac poll found that two

PV's Exclusive New Year's Newsmaker Interview: Steven Greenhut and Katy Grimes on What Lies Ahead for California in 2018 The New Year is here and Publisher Tom Del Beccaro sat down with Katy Grimes and Steven Greenhut to

Chad Mayes used to be the Republican Assembly Leader in California.  He was dumped from power for siding with the Democrats on cap and trade.  He delivered 8 Republicans votes for the bill - two

You have heard it many times - but it doesn't exist.  There is no such thing as trickle down economics. It is a pejorative attack on work and savings - indeed on capitalism in general. My latest

Rasmussen Reports latest Presidential Tracking Poll shows that President's Trump's year end approval/disapproval rating is 46% approve and 53% disapprove.  That happens to be the same rating that President Obama received at the same time

My year-end review in Forbes: "The American governments are doing and spending more and more every year. In 2017, the direction of the ever more powerful federal government changed significantly.  With so much at stake, on

Is California doing as well as Jerry Brown's approval ratings? Of course, the answer is no.  California is #1 in poverty and at the bottom when it comes to economic freedom.  Those two statistics belong in