Remember when Senate Democrats didn't pass budgets for years on end? No so for this Republican Senate.  Love it or hate it (where is the reform to any programs?), they have taken the necessary step to

PV's Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: John Cox (R) candidate for Governor Question No. 1.  What do you consider to be your governing philosophy? John Cox:  I believe that the Founders got a lot right. They created a government

There is no question that there is an increased optimism in America today with respect to the economy.  In my discussions with many business executives/leaders, it has become clear to me that they no longer

The best defense is often a good defense. The Clinton Foundation was quite the racket.  It would have been illegal for Hillary Clinton to accept checks personally as Secretary of State.  Instead, she set up a

Everyone is well aware of the fight between the American Left and Right in American politics today.  The fight between Trump and the American Left, including the Media, is just an extension of that.  Remember,

Democrats do quite well in supporting nearly every agenda item of their Presidents.  They do the same in opposition. Republicans, on the other hand, tend to let their compatriots fight their own battles. This story gives

Obamacare.  Was it just a program to provide insurance to the many who did not have healthcare insurance? Some would say that it was ineffective at doing that given that nearly 20 million opted out of

California is at it again - crusading for the world.  The question is - at what cost? In my latest in Forbes, we find out. A CA Sanctuary State: But What is California Doing For Its Own

The Obama Iran deal is a failure - a short and long term failure. As I argued in the Washington Times at the time, the cash infusion allowed Iran to make military gains on the ground

The world knows that Congressional Republicans have yet to provide a better framework for the American Healthcare system.  That failure carries a considerable number of risks for people: Many Americans will be left with only