Did you notice that the Mueller investigation's only indictments, despite months of work and millions of dollars spent,  did not mention the word "campaign" ? Did you notice that Mueller investigation is now seeking documents related

For over a decade, U.S. economic growth has averaged 1.8%. President Trump said his policies would result in growth above 3%.  Many on the Left think the U.S. economy can no longer grow at that rate

In the real world, a member of a Board of Directors or Advisory Committees would face laws that restrict activities that represent conflicts of interests.  For instance, a Board Member or an Advisory Committee would

The headline reads: Leaving Europe, Brown says he’s talked enough, wants to ‘get something done’ Of course, the something done refers to Climate Change.  The problem is that everything Jerry Brown proposes to do won't make much

The DC Democrats Are Against Tax Reform - Period Tax reform is a terribly difficult process.  The tax code represents power for those in Congress – pure and simple. Asking Washington to reduce its power rarely

The headline form The Hill Newspaper reads: Sessions weighs second special counsel to probe Clinton-related matters Within the story, we read: Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote "that Sessions had 'directed senior federal prosecutors to evaluate certain issues'

David Tyler of the Weekly Standard asks these questions . . . "Are Republicans going to lose the House in 2018? And if they do, will it be President Trump’s fault?" As he points out, there is

My Sunday political comments . . . Tax reform I remain optimistic that some level of tax reform will take place by the end of the year and that it will be retroactive, i.e. apply

Ask yourself a simple question.  If you wanted to buy a suit at Macy’s but knew the suit would not go on sale for two days, would you buy the suit now or wait two

What happened on Election Day 2016? Democrats and some in the Media want you to believe that Democrats won seats "cost to coast" in a repudiation of President Trump. While Trump may well have not have increased