Politics today is a constant campaign - but usually only on the Left.  The American Left seeks to shape public opinion every day, on policy, either through the Media, Academia, public employee unions or the

No question tax reform remains the President's top priority.  Trump's courting of Democrats should not be a surprise.  Either he is doing it to pressure Republicans, to keep the Media off balance or to soften

Here are some headlines from this week after Trump's DACA decision: The New York Times: Inner Racism Revealed. Newsweek  THE RACISM AT THE HEART OF TRUMP’S DACA DECISION   The American Prospect:  DACA Phase-Out Yet Another Gimme to Trump’s

So who is to blame for the Debt Ceiling deal? Congress or the President? McConnell an Ryan said they were against the plan - so why blame them?  The answer should be pretty clear. Their failure

The headlines have been blaring!  Trump has abandoned the Republicans and his acting like a Democrat - and the Republican leadership doesn't like it. Is Trump a Democrat?  The important question is really whether the Republicans

The Mercury News asks the relevant questions today.  What right do states have to fight a federal immigration decision? Isn't the federal government in charge of immigration? Until the lawsuits filed in response to Trump's decision

The California reservoirs are full as we approach the Winter - but will California be smart enough to build capacity for future residents? Keep in mind the Left and Democrat gov't leaders in CA want CA

The CNN headline says it all: "Trump Ends DACA But Gives Congress Window To Save It."  FOR NOW, it is a pretty savvy move by Trump.  First, he can say he kept a campaign promise

Our September 6th Newsmaker is Stephen Moore. Stephen Moore is an economist and writer. Moore is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and a Founder, along with Art Laffer, Steve Forbes and Larry Kudlow

The economist Richard Rahn makes the argument well that corporate tax reform is needed.  Where once we led the world in tax reform, we are now lagging. We will not be able to have sustained