The 4th of July is considered to be this Nation's birthday. We live our lives here, earn our living here, raise our children here and most will live out their days in this land. If

Hillary "I Climbed a Mountain" Clinton is racist, as racist as Joe Biden. (Click Here to Read) There are those who say both parties are racist and don't help blacks. Well if that argument holds

What is set to happen tomorrow is as bad as the Kangaroo Court of January 6th. I am not supporting Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell, but there's just this weird compass a sense of justice

There are those who have being a Father unlocked and wide open and yet won't walk through that door. There are others who would gladly walk through that door, but find it closed and sealed

Gavin Newsom just joined "Truth Social" can you believe it?! In true Southside Unicorn Style had to stick'em with my horn! Here is what I posted on his Truth Social page: @realgovnewsom40 Your Hubris and

While the Johnny Depp - Amber Heard verdict comes too late for many men who have suffered gross injustices and lost everything from fame to wealth and even family all because a woman "said so;"

One of the worse things a person can do is Drink and Drive! This horrific disrespect to others is compounded when the drunk driver is someone who doesn't even have to drive themselves at all.

As if doing that something is to take away American rights and access to weapons under the 2nd Amendment. There another ways to "DO SOMETHING!" In each state we have enough retired peace officers, Veterans,

Mommy, Daddy I'm in heaven now. Please don't cry. To the person who hurt me though I don't understand why still I forgive you, I ask everyone: please try. Taking away guns is not how

Now I don't want this to be too complicated here, but I must show everyone why the left are once again creating a crisis. So I will keep this simple, while the talking heads are