Bad Bunny interrupts his performance at the MTV VMAs to kiss MALE and FEMALE backup dancers

Those of you who know me know I DO NOT do the race thing! I live my life as a person not as a color and I see others the same way. If race becomes

So sad how they wind up the pitch making the conditioned black folks think this is some great big deal to be excited about. Yet in truth we are giving Russia a big win

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] So why don't these "Meat Puppets for Demons" cut to the chase and ban Holy water, Garlic, stakes and sunlight while they're at it? Sometimes I can be a bit too cryptic, but I did

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With the preliminary report out on the Uvalde Texas incident, those officers should spare the people the pain of seeking their dismissal, they should resign and fade away. It would be an easy matter if

Look at this woman! She is Conditioned by the left, she disrespected her own Nation! Now leftists want us to use the might of this Nation to gain her release for the two wrongs she

The 4th of July is considered to be this Nation's birthday. We live our lives here, earn our living here, raise our children here and most will live out their days in this land. If

Hillary "I Climbed a Mountain" Clinton is racist, as racist as Joe Biden. (Click Here to Read) There are those who say both parties are racist and don't help blacks. Well if that argument holds

What is set to happen tomorrow is as bad as the Kangaroo Court of January 6th. I am not supporting Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell, but there's just this weird compass a sense of justice