Behold the plight of the useful Idiots, am I calling everyone useful Idiots? No, but I am pointing out those who demanded that "minimum wages" be exalted to levels that stripped profitability from COGS are

Listen to the Southside Unicorn Show to learn about the State of the Union Address by President Joe Biden.

Celebrating the last Day of Black History Month, I can appreciate and understand why we even needed a black history month at all. Yet in my opinion it has nobly served its purpose. As we

Many times you have heard me say it: "Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?" I am a big 24 fan, in one season President Logan realizes and admits he is out of

Well allow me to explain the stage if I may? I did a show over three years ago as part of the count down that only has five months left, this event was part of

[vc_row][vc_column][penci_text_block heading="Superbowl Sunday"]My decision is not an indictment of my friends or others. I am just sharing why I won't be watching the Superbowl game. I don't give comfort to the enemy nor consort with

POP QUIZ: What is the difference between ZYKLON B and a CRACK PIPE? One answer is not much, one was used to murder Jews on concentration camp showers, the other is used to murder the

[vc_row][vc_column][penci_text_block heading="I Told You So"]When someone starts off with “I told you so!” Chances are whatever they shared was about the “big I and the little you.” If someone wanted to share something with you

On the Heels of the disgusting "RACIST" words of Whoopi Goldberg's horrible views regarding the Jewish Holocaust (Click here to watch). When we see what happened to Roseanne Barr (A Jewish person) vs what happened

Somewhere in the cobwebs of Chuck Schumer's mind somewhere in the hollow parts of his soul, this man thinks this is good news. As Americans look on and we remember, we remember how nasty and