Oh, sweet America! Why do you slumber? Evil has made rats nest in our home and they eat away at the very foundation. Awake!!! Blessed America be filled with "Righteous Indignation!" Today one who has

A star witness in the case against Kyle Rittenhouse admitted under cross examination that Rittenhouse did not fire at him until the witness aimed his weapon at Rittenhouse. That this young man Rittenhouse is even

Quannah Chasinghorse, 19, said she felt she didn't belong at the 2021 American-themed Met Gala. Well well well

Well I think we're forgetting one thing for the sake of progressive agendas: we take from our TV characters traits and incorporate them into real life. A symbiosis of art and life, kids with blankets

Hypocrisy can be deadly. In a prime example, how odd is it that an "antigunner" like Alec Baldwin would seek to make millions using a gun. All while exposing his followers to a gun while

Now I must cry BS! This vaccine crap is out of hand! This is the push back for people using this man as an example of why people shouldn't have to be vaccinated?! It is

Listen to the corresponding audio episode here. As I said last week after the FBI declared moms domestic terrorists. The FBI has become the "Tonton Macoute," (a reference to a Haitian paramilitary secret police organization) now

Ooookay black America let's make this one easy as hell! Let's see if anyone from the Gavin Newsom Democrat supporting side with have "Cognitive Dissonance!" Question: would you consider Facebook a right-wing organization? No

Indescribable! It is right here where I draw the right to speak the way I do about Mr. Le Bron James and his colleagues. The only time you hear from him is when a white

The leftist take no responsibility or blame for anything! Even when their bigotry and racism slips out, they either blame it on President Trump or in this case as a "Glitch in the machine." In