US Olympic Sprinter Gabby Thomas says the "black boycott" of the Olympics "really hurts." I said what I said about these Olympic debacles, as always I get excoriated when I first come out with some of

Geneis 12:3 (NKJV) "If you bless them I will bless you, if you curse them I will curse you." It is really straight forward. Who knows what form the curse shall take! I for one

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] My first support went to Travis Allen. The CAGOP made some strange turns and after over 47 years of steadfast loyalty I thought about leaving this party. Over a year ago a young man named

It is time to call for the National Guard to clean up Chicago. Of course, those who could call for such help NEVER will. The disdain the left has for black human life is bone

Could it be, that the conditioning is just too great in some? Are they beyond our ability to save them? I once made a meme that said; "America believes in freedom so much we will

When I saw Chauvin's cold indifference to Mr.Floyds pleas for mercy, drug induced or not, one human being was callous and cold to another's suffering, when We learned of the unfortunate fate of Mr. Ahmad

Don't be so quick to judge the absent father, not all are "Dead Beat Dads" some are dads who were beat dead. Pray for healing of the American family and families around the world. Sometimes

There should be no words in front of or after the word "Justice" if your idea of Justice revolves around the Who is receiving Justice and not on If Justice works for all, then you

The headlines related to race over the last month are fixed on statues – but the real racial issues facing America include the abandoned Blacks of Chicago. Almost every day we read of murders. The